Feng Shui Home Sale Tips

Feng Shui Principles to Accelerate Your Home Sale

Selling a home is not just about its architectural design or location; the energy and vibe it emits can play an essential role in attracting potential buyers. This is where the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui comes into play. A practice that balances energies in particular spaces, Feng Shui can influence the attractiveness of your home and the speed at which it sells. Here are the top Feng Shui principles to consider when selling your home:

1. Clear the Clutter:

Principle: Clutter disrupts the flow of chi (energy) and can give a feeling of chaos and disorder.
Application: Declutter your home, making sure spaces, especially entrances and hallways, are free from unnecessary items. This presents a cleaner, more spacious environment for potential buyers.

2. Ensure a Strong Front Door:

Principle: The front door is where energy enters your home. An inviting entrance allows positive energy to flow in.
Application: Make sure the front door is clean, free of obstructions, and freshly painted if necessary. The path leading up to the door should also be clear and welcoming.

3. Balance the Five Elements:

Principle: Feng Shui emphasizes the balance of five elements - wood, fire, earth, metal, and water.
Application: Use decor and colors that represent these elements. For instance, a green plant (wood), candles (fire), ceramic bowls (earth), metal vases (metal), and a small water feature (water) can introduce balance.

4. Utilize Mirrors Wisely:

Principle: Mirrors can double the energy of an area and reflect both positive and negative energies.
Application: Position mirrors to reflect beautiful views or spacious areas of the home. Avoid placing mirrors directly opposite the front door, as this pushes away incoming energy.

5. Keep Air and Light Flowing:

Principle: Fresh air and natural light promote positive energy and well-being.
Application: Open windows regularly to let fresh air circulate. Ensure rooms are well-lit, preferably with natural light, during viewings.

6. Fix Broken Items:

Principle: Broken items can symbolize neglected areas of one’s life and hinder the flow of positive energy.
Application: Repair broken fixtures, replace burnt-out bulbs, and ensure everything in the house is in working order.

7. Appeal to the Senses:

Principle: A harmonious environment appeals not only to sight but also to the other senses.
Application: Introduce pleasant, subtle fragrances with natural essential oils. Play soft, serene background music during viewings to enhance the ambiance.

8. Depersonalize the Space:

Principle: New buyers need to visualize themselves in the home.
Application: Remove personal photos, certificates, and anything that's too linked to your personal energy, making it a neutral space for potential buyers.


Incorporating Feng Shui principles when selling your home can make it more inviting and attractive to potential buyers. By ensuring a flow of positive energy and presenting a balanced and harmonious environment, you enhance the chances of not just selling your home but also getting the right value for it. Even if you're skeptical of Feng Shui, the principles mentioned align with general good practices in home presentation. So, why not give your home that Feng Shui advantage?